AMB 100 Mountain Bike Marathon 2017The AMB 100 Mountain Bike Marathon is an exciting event quite unlike anything else that happens around town. It’s a tough challenge that isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re a competitive spirit who can’t wait to leave your mates in the dust, the giant monster circuit at Stromlo Forest Park is the perfect way to spend your weekend.

This lap-based biking event includes almost every trail in Stromlo Forest Park, offering an experience that’s both challenging and different at the same time.

The five-lap AMB 100 Miler kicks off at 5am, bringing with it an incredible sunrise backdrop.

This marathon is packed with single trails on very challenging terrain. It’s a demanding challenge that requires an incredible amount of endurance and determination, but once you find your way to the finish line, you’ll feel a sense of an achievement that will keep you smiling for days to come!

Registration fees are as follows:

  • 100 miles: $99.00
  • 100 km: $99.00
  • 66 km: $88.00
  • 33 km: $66.00
  • 33km – Junior (ages 15 and up): $33.00

Ready to register or learn more about the trails so you can support your favourite athlete? Event details can be found through Rocky Trail Entertainment.


Image Source: AMB 100 Mountain Bike Marathon 2017