National Folk Festival 2017Folk music has never left its grassroots beginnings, which is part of the reason the National Folk Festival is such a beloved event in Canberra.

From 13 to 17 April, Exhibition Park will once again be hosting this family-friendly festival, bringing wit it plenty of live entertainment and community activities. Circus performers and roving musicians will wander the grounds as musicians and dancers take to the stages.

This festival is designed to be inspiring, fun, and fancy-free. Here’s a look at some of the entertainment that’ll be available to you throughout the weekend:

  • Food, Drink, and Market Stalls. Every good festival needs some great food options, and the National Folk Festival won’t disappoint. Themed bars will add a jovial bit of enjoyment to your visit, and dozens of vendors will be selling their goods.
  • Mind, Body, Spirit. Check out some energizing, de-stressing, and uplifting sessions, such as yoga and Zumba classes.’
  • Instrument Makers.  Meet the artisans who handcraft some of the most exquisite musical instruments you may ever lay eyes on.

There’s plenty to see, hear, and experience at the National Folk Festival! Check out the official 2017 program to be sure you don’t miss some of your favourite performers!


Image Source: National Folk Festival 2017