Anzac Day observations will be happening all over Australia on Tuesday, 25 April, but few will be as thorough and beautiful as those held at the Australian War Memorial.

Dawn Service is planned to occur from 5:30am until 6:00am; however, the day’s commemorative events will begin at 4:30am, at which time the Pre-Dawn Anzac Day events will commence.

From 4:30 until shortly before the beginning of the Dawn Service, representatives from each of the branch of the armed services will honour those who came befoe them. Service men and women will read aloud excerpts from diaries and letters of soldiers who had first-hand experience of war combat.

Guided by the light of visitors’ candles, the Pre-Dawn Service will usher in 45 minutes of solitude and appreciation for our national identity, honouring soldiers’ courage, mateship, and sacrifice.

To plan your day accordingly, be sure to check out the visitor information and site safety section of the Australian War Memorial’s site.